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Unit Trusts Services

Unit Trusts Services

With different categories of unit trusts (e.g. equities, bonds, money market, balanced and hedge funds), you can seize investment opportunities across the globe.

A unit trust refers to a collective investment scheme pooling money from individual investors, with a large portfolio managed by professional fund managers according to pre-set investment objectives.

With unit trusts, you can enjoy:

 unit trusts

Professional services provided by fund managers
Fund managers conduct research and analysis on the markets and select different assets of the funds, as well as determine which securities they should hold, and when to buy or sell.

Global investment

Global investment opportunities
With unit trusts, you can catch global investment opportunities through investing in different markets via a wide range of investment tools.


You can invest in both local and overseas markets through unit trusts, which can help you to diversify your risk

Our wealth management team will always work closely with you to identify the best solution for you taking into account your investment objectives, investment horizon, experience and risk profile.