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SPEED Online Futures Trading platform (desktop version)

“SPEED” global futures trading platform is designed to streamline your trade in global futures. Download “SPEED” and experience the great features including global futures trading, real-time data and account overview!
Global Futures Trading

Simply clicking the bid or ask prices and you can fill in the information in your trade orders. You can also revise orders more accurately by simply scrolling the mouse.

Global Futures Trading
Global Futures Trading
Charts and Real-Time Data

SPEED provides you with the trend, real-time data and charts of specified instruments so you can know the trend quickly. K-line chart can be customized to give you a more comprehensive view of the market. You can also check the transaction prices, volumes and times on your chart.

Charts and Real-Time Data
Charts and Real-Time Data
Browse Market Prices and Depth

The market price interface is customized to meet your needs – all market data can be viewed at a glance. In Options Master window, you can check the options information and strike prices. You can customize the presentation to trade conveniently.

Price Depth window provides you with data find support and resistance levels. It shows the five best bid and ask prices. Advanced Price Depth window offers you more information, such as bid quantity, bid price, ask price, ask quantity, transaction price, price change, opening price, highest and lowest transaction prices, closing price, equilibrium price and market conditions.

Browse Market Prices and Depth
Browse Market Prices and Depth
Transaction Records and Account Overview

Account information and position summary are combined in one window. Transaction records show data including order no, status, products, buy/sell, trade price, trade volume, etc, and they can be sorted in any way you want.

Transaction Records and Account Overview
Transaction Records and Account Overview
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Chief SPEED - HK Stock Option / Global Future Trading Platform

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CHIEF SPEED mobile app is a professional trading platform for Global Futures / Options and Hong Kong Stock Options investors. It provides real-time market data of Hong Kong Stock Options and Global Futures (currency, index, metal, energy, agriculture products etc). It assists investors in placing order, checking account balance and positions.

  • Real-time quotes (HK stock options and Global futures / options)
  • Conditional orders and Stop-loss orders
  • Simple to search your product code
  • Easy to check / modify orders
  • Quick access to account balance and purchasing power

For existing user, you may now login in your CHIEF SPEED mobile app with your internet desktop-version SPEED login ID and password. On the contrary If you do not have a SPEED account, please client may kindly go to visit us at any of our branches to open an SPEED internet account with us.

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact our customer support hotline at (852) 2500 9199.