CHIEF supports FPS, which allows clients to make instant fund transfer to Chief account with a few simple steps. The balance will be updated immediately. It also supports different platforms and devices and helps you seize investment opportunities.
FPS Tutorial




All personal information collected above will be used for the purpose of identity verification only.


  • Due to "E-Account Opening" online account opening must be bind to the bank account to deposit funds, the "FPS" QR Code is not applicable. If you need to lift the restrictions and experience a smoother service, please contact our Chief Elite Team at (852) 2500 9680.
  • All securities transaction traded with Cash Account (A Account) or Custodian Account (P Account) should be settled on or before the second business day (T+2). Any unsettled balance will be charged at Bank Prime Rate + 5% as overdue interest.
  • The Margin Financing Limit of Margin Account (M Account) is determined according to the value of their portfolio stock holdings or the agreed margin limit (base on the lower limit). Financed amount will be charged at Bank Prime Rate + 2.5% as loan interest.
  • Please note that CHIEF does not accept deposit by third party (including but not limited to bank transfer, remittance, cheque deposit, etc.). Chief reserves the right to return the fund. You are liable to all bank charges and related risk. Chief is not responsible for all costs, interest charges of banks, personal loss between you and the third party incurred from the returning of fund.
  • As it may take time to update deposit confirmation, the balance of global futures account could not be updated in time. For any enquiries, please contact our Global Trading Hotline (852) 2500 9128.

FPS Daily Transfer Limit of Banking Mobile App*

Bank FPS Daily Transfer Limit
The Bank of East Asia Limited (BEA) HK$5,000
  • The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)
  • Hang Seng Bank Limited (HSB)
  • Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (SCB)
  • Citibank Hong Kong Limited (Citibank)
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited,(BOCHK) HK$400,000
* This is the maximum transfer limit of individual banks. For more information, please contact corresponding bank.
The above information is for reference only. The bank official announcement shall prevail.
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